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Each year, more than three million patients in North America find themselves up against a deadly foe – pulmonary embolism (PE) – and without early detection and diagnosis; many patients will lose their lives. However, Lung Ventilation and Perfusion (V/Q) scanning, an advanced imaging procedure, has proven to be essential to overcoming this perilous condition. Through V/Q scans, physicians can swiftly and accurately detect and treat suspected cases of PE with the most appropriate remedies, or withhold unnecessary treatment if PE is ruled out. The availability of V/Q scanning facilitates timely care that alleviates patient suffering, and helps to reduce instances of PE-related death.

Jubilant DraxImage recognizes that every life is a precious one. We also believe it is our great responsibility to preserve the nuclear medicine community’s ongoing access to the critical radiopharmaceuticals needed for V/Q scans so that hospitals, healthcare organizations, and physicians can continue to deliver the highest quality of patient care possible.

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