Count On It DRAXIMAGE® MAA 350K Particles Campaign

Jubilant DraxImage launches Count On It DRAXIMAGE® MAA 350K Particles Campaign

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Jubilant DraxImage is pleased to announce the launch of its Count On It DRAXIMAGE® MAA 350K Particles Campaign. The campaign speaks primarily to radiopharmacists and Nuclear Medicine technologists that prepare unit doses of DRAXIMAGE® MAA for use in patients suspected of pulmonary embolism. It aims to raise awareness of the correct number of DRAXIMAGE® MAA particles recommended in the FDA and Health Canada approved package inserts.

DRAXIMAGE® MAA vials need to be prepared by commercial radiopharmacies or Nuclear Medicine Department Technologists to a certain Quality standard. Technologists are not always aware of the 350,000 particles per dose recommendation in the DRAXIMAGE® MAA product label or they do not systematically verify the particle count of unit doses they receive from the commercial radiopharmacies that prepare these doses for their patients.

The focus of our campaign is to ensure that every dose is prepared to preserve the Quality it is manufactured with at Jubilant DraxImage and will produce a lung perfusion scan of highest Quality.

The ad first appeared in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine print and digital versions and featured prominently at the SNMMI’s Mid-Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida January 28-31, 2016. It will also be featured in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology March and June editions.

For more information, we invite you to navigate to our website at: and visit us at the SNMMI Annual Meeting June 11-15, 2016 in San Diego at our Exhibit Booth #1131.

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