About Jubilant DraxImage

Jubilant DraxImage Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jubilant Pharma) is a Nuclear Medicine company that develops, manufactures and commercializes radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease.

Jubilant DraxImage, based in Montreal Canada, has 160 highly skilled employees that provide quality radiopharmaceutical products in 21 different countries around the globe.

Jubilant DraxImage is passionately dedicated to Nuclear Medicine and focused on:
  • Customers: Nuclear Medicine physicians, technologists and radiopharmacists who image and treat their patients in hospitals, imaging centers and radiopharmacies
  • Products: Market leader in North America for I-131 radioiodine therapy (HICON®), Lung perfusion imaging (DRAXIMAGE® MAA) and bone imaging (DRAXIMAGE® MDP/MDP-25)
  • Quality, Sustainability, Dependability:
    • Investment in a portfolio of radiopharmaceutical products and enabling technologies to expand clinical utility of nuclear medicine
    • Focus on supply chain and manufacturing dependability
    • Best in class logistics/distribution
  • People: Recruit, hire and develop highly skilled customer centric employees