Safety and Efficiency

Operation Automation


  • Automated safety alerts that help minimize risk of strontium breakthrough
  • System lockout denies access to patient infusion controls if quality control is not completed or if strontium levels are elevated
  • No need to record dose calibrator readings or manually calculate strontium breakthrough detection


  • Automated quality control and reports
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Stick-on printed patient infusion labels
  • 30 L generator volume

Click here For Full Prescribing Information for RUBY-FILL® (Rubidium Rb82 Generator), including BLACK BOX Warning 


This information is not intended as medical advice. Responsibility for patient care resides with the healthcare professional on the basis of his or her professional license, experience and knowledge of the patient. For full Prescribing Information including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events, please see the appropriate product labeling.