Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional

Quality and innovation are at the core of life sciences, possibly more than in any other industry, and nuclear medicine is one of the most dynamic fields. Providing patients with diagnostic imaging and therapeutic options that are safe, accurate and non-invasive will help sustain growth in the nuclear medicine market. However, the lack of investment in the industry is jeopardizing the advancement and sustainability of nuclear medicine.

For nuclear medicine to remain at the forefront of modern personalized healthcare, sufficient investment is critical to sustain current products, and for technological developments in new agents and procedures. Advances in nuclear medicine could accelerate, simplify, and even lead to reducing the cost of delivering and improving health care. To realize this promise, the industry needs to invest in the discovery, development and use of nuclear medicine, as well as in the continuing education and training of healthcare professionals in the field of nuclear medicine.

Achieving these goals in the long term will require meaningful collaboration among the nuclear medicine community, industry, academics, institutions and regulators. Dedicated to the field of nuclear medicine, Jubilant DraxImage is taking steps today to invest in the future of nuclear medicine to maintain scientific excellence.

We recently made the decision to implement a onetime market price adjustment to ensure the sustainability and long-term supply of diagnostic products MAA and DTPA in the United States for vitally important lung scans, known as V/Q procedures.I invite you to view this personal video message from me, where I aim to answer some of the burning questions and understandable concerns raised by the medical community about this price adjustment. The video explains why we had to make the onetime market price adjustment, the reasons behind the timing, and how the money will be used to support clinicians and sustain the manufacture of MAA and DTPA, enabling future growth.

As the only supplier of MAA and DTPA in North America, Jubilant DraxImage knows it has a responsibility and an obligation to the medical community and the nuclear medicine industry. We remain committed to providing treatments that enable highly accurate diagnostic images to be produced, allowing for earlier, and potentially life saving medical intervention to be initiated.

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