Recent News

  1. Each year, more than three million patients in North America find themselves up against a deadly foe – pulmonary embolism (PE) – and without early detection and diagnosis; many patients will lose their lives. However, Lung Ventilation and Perfusion (V/Q) scanning, an advanced imaging procedure, has proven to be essential (...)
  2. Douglas Gentilcore: his expertise in Pharmaceuticals and Imaging will be a significant asset to JDI Jubilant DraxImage Appoints New Sales Director in the USA Addition of Douglas Gentilcore strengthens further Jubilant DraxImage expertise We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Douglas Gentilcore is joining the Jubilant DraxImage team in (...)
  3. Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional Quality and innovation are at the core of life sciences, possibly more than in any other industry, and nuclear medicine is one of the most dynamic fields. Providing patients with diagnostic imaging and therapeutic options that are safe, accurate and non-invasive will help sustain growth in (...)
  4. Montreal March 1st, 2014 / – Jubilant DraxImage Inc. (hereafter “JDI”) has determined that a onetime market price adjustment on MAA and DTPA is required. This market-wide pricing adjustment will take effect on March 1st 2014 to support sustainability and continuity of these critical products in the US.
  5. Addition of Suzanne Bissonnette strengthens further Jubilant DraxImage expertise MONTREAL, Jan. 13, 2014/ – Jubilant DraxImage Inc., a Jubilant Life Sciences Company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Suzanne Bissonnette as Marketing Director, with effect from January 13, 2014. Suzanne comes to Jubilant DraxImage with over 25 years’ experience (...)
  6. From November 8 to 10, JDI attended the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine. At that conference,  JDI sponsored a guest lecture given by Dr. Timothy Bateman, Nuclear Cardiologist & Professor at the University of Missouri – Kansas City Medical School. Dr. Bateman presented “Rubidium-82 Cardiovascular (...)
  7. Members of the Jubilant DraxImage team provided demonstrations of the Rubidium Elution System to various attendees at the ANSC Conference including physicians, physicists and technologists. An engaging and well attended presentation, sponsored by JDI titled “Prognostic value of CFR and Cardiac PET with Rb-82” was delivered by Dr. Rob deKemp, Head (...)