Jubilant DraxImage supports healthcare professionals to help them derive the greatest value from the nuclear medicine procedures they perform, helping them to deliver high-quality care, reduce costs, and improve the patient experience. This entails providing exceptional service, as well as investing in the development of radiopharmaceuticals and technologies to realize the promise of nuclear medicine.

Jubilant continuously strives to showcase the value of Nuclear Medicine by funding Physician Initiated Research and Pharmacoeconomic Studies that highlight the benefits of the modality to both physicians and patients.

  • Studies looking at the impact of V/Q Scan and CTPA Procedures on Healthcare Resource Use and Cost1
  • A 10-year retrospective study showing that younger women are more likely to receive CTPA than V/Q2
  • Thyroid Cancer Center Research funding


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  2. Casciano, J, et al, Insurance claims linked medical records review in ~80,000 patients focused on V/Q and CTPA imaging in PE shows that younger women are more likely to receive CTPA: A 10 year retrospective analysis of hospital administrative data, J Nucl Med, May 1, 2016 vol. 57 no. 2,1655